June 2015 Real Estate Stats for St Charles County

June 2015 Real Estate Stats for St Charles County

Home Prices Are Steadily Rising!

Homes are selling fast in St. Charles County, and that’s causing prices to rise each month. Home values are up by over 5.2% from this time last year. This price increase is starting to slow down from last month and will most likely taper off soon as we start to head into the winter months.

According to the new data released by the St. Louis Association of REALTORS®, the St. Charles County real estate market is steadily selling inventory, while also gaining more home buyers from real estate for sale san antonio tx, following the same trends from previous months.

The Bottomline:

We had 13.5% more homes under contract than this time last year. We also have 13.2% fewer listings than this time last year. This means the market is still favoring sellers right now.